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digital printing service

We offer a fast and efficient digital printing service . We have a team specialized in this type of moderate volume printing. We work on personalized solutions allowing our clients to have the final finish they want. At Caravian we are in constant development, we analyze the real needs of our clients and channel services according to expectations. To achieve good results we have professional staff and excellent equipment to find good digital impressions.

What is digital printing?

Digital printing goes to paper or other materials, various digital files. It is a highly demanded service due to its competitive price and great speed in the production of prints. In addition, for digital printing there are various methods, so it is possible to achieve a certain level of print quality. The most widely used technique is cartridge injection. Also, it is possible to coordinate digital prints using laser machinery. In general, the contributions of this type of printing have been revolutionizing the world of graphic arts. And, they have made the production of business cards, catalogs or even different office supplies maintain a fairly outstanding quality, for very competitive costs.

Characteristics of our digital printing service

We work towards granting our clients all the benefits of digital printing. For this, we have developed a work dynamic in which we take care of all the details. In this way, we offer a professional and distinguished finish in all areas. Next, you can see what are the aspects that our digital printing service covers. In this way, you will have accurate information about our solutions.

Print volume supported

Digital printing allows for high-quality prints, and is a lower-cost alternative compared to other options on the market. However, it admits the production of less than 500 impressions. If you require a number of prints greater than this, then offset printing will work best for you . In case the number of impressions you need is within the limits of digital impressions, then you can count on the benefits of this service. Despite this limitation, the scope of dtg printing is quite large, being an important ally for small businesses that are working in offline printing methods. 

Dimensions accepted for printing

For digital printing we work with letter or tabloid size pieces (double letter). Likewise, our policies on the thickness of the paper vary between 135 gr to 250 gr. Also, we admit the equivalent known as sulfated of 10 points. In the case of needing prints of reduced sizes, for example a business card. We can generate these articles by incorporating them several times, thus the production of the parts is faster and the quality of the service is not neglected.

Accepted Coatings

In some cases in the production of graphic pieces it is advisable to apply a coating. Some possible methods are coating with machine or UV varnish. However, in digital prints these techniques cannot be applied. At Caravian we offer solutions by plasticizing parts , it is an efficient method that will extend the useful life of digital productions. If you require this service, you can tell us and we will issue a budget accordingly.

Advantages of our digital printing service

We have designed a service that is able to meet the main needs of our customers. Such as, for example, having a printing method compatible with various types of materials. We present some benefits that you can obtain thanks to our digital printing service.

1. Wide variety of printing parts

The versatility of digital printing is a prominent benefit of our service. It is possible to print a book of more than 200 pages with illustrations. But, it is also possible to print up to 500 brochures or advertising flyers. This technique makes it easy to print color or black and white pages. As for digital color printing, the quality is very successful. In general, it is a production method for digital parts that handles accepted volumes without neglecting the final quality. At Caravian we cover printing for posters , brochures, foldouts and various office supplies. Take your business brand kit anywhere with top-quality digital pieces.

2. Quick solutions for all types of business

Digital printing is highly sought after for its speed, it is a process designed to offer results immediately. In addition, it is ideal for the production of large volume parts, for example to print a book. This printing technique is valued by many people as the fastest option to access their prints. To increase this benefit at Caravian, we have expert staff in the application of this technique. So, we generate a service that takes care of every detail at the printing level and that will accompany you until you reach the final result.

1. Ability to work digital impressions

In advertising for companies or various types of businesses, personalization is very valuable. We admit personalized digital printing , so you can have flyers fully adapted to the characteristics of your brand. Thanks to this, you will have the possibility of printing various types of advertising elements that reflect the identity of your business. In addition, through digital printing it is possible to add small pieces to an already printed format, for example the logo of the company in question. It is a possible technique, and can be performed with some ease.

2. Service that meets the requests of each client

The versatility of digital printing allows us to expand the precision of our services. We can adapt to various requests issued by our clients. For example, the adaptation of the print format while it is within the allowed limits. In this way we can meet the present needs in each particular case, taking into account the element that is intended to be produced. Also, we value color printing adjustments or the exact number of copies that are necessary for each client.

Most common types of digital printing

Digital printing is a technique that is widely accepted, this has allowed it to continue to improve over time. Currently, there are two main types in digital printing . It deals with large format and small format digital printing . Obviously, the main difference relates to the dimensions of the print. Next, characteristics of both modalities.

large format prints

Large format digital printing acts as a solution taking into account the limitations of small format digital printing. Well, sometimes for larger projects it is important to have larger pieces. Without a doubt, it represents a clear advantage for those who wish to produce a poster or a large billboard. It is an appropriate technique for gigantography standards , and continues to maintain the quality of this type of printing. It reaches impressions that oscillate average sizes of 70 x 100 cm. Although it allows printing larger formats, it also represents a higher cost. It also has a greater impact on the environment. So there are some aspects that are worth taking into account before requesting the service.

Small format digital printing

Generally, it admits formats of 50 x 70 cm , if more than this dimension is required, the ideal is to have gigantrography. However, this format allows the production of various digital pieces, for example triptychs or foldouts. Both printing techniques are usually done using an inkjet process. In some cases it is possible to use specialized equipment that supports laser printing. A very important aspect about both types of printing is that latex ink printing techniques are advancing. This means that a much smaller environmental impact can be achieved.

In which areas is digital printing valued?

Digital printing continues to advance, thanks to the technological impulse it is possible to access a service of great precision and unbeatable quality. This is a very useful technique in terms of offline advertising. For example, it allows you to print brand kit items without being too expensive. Undoubtedly, the appearance of much more complete and modern printing equipment has allowed digital printing to produce increasingly professional results. The growth of materials accepted for digital printing is highly valued, such as the incorporation of vinyl, fabrics and other important items that influence the versatility of the service.

Why should you choose our services as a printer?

We have been specializing in digital printing for years, we have premium quality equipment that allows us to offer a very competent service. In addition, we have the best prices available for digital prints. So, we help you fulfill your purposes without having to spend too much on it. Our services are very complete, we even make available the possibility of laminating digital productions, if requested by our contractors.

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