How long is the grace period on life insurance?

The insurance grace period is the minimum time established by the insurer that must elapse for your coverage to be effective. It begins immediately after contracting the policy and after contracting the increase in the insured capital.

The grace periods established for the Women’s Life Insurance are as follows:

  • If you have contracted the Lifetime Woman Life Insurance, the grace period will be 90 days from the date of contracting the coverage or increase in the insured capital.
  • For all other modalities, the grace period in case of suicide or attempted suicide will be 2 years. This time will start counting from the effective date of the policy (which appears on the individual certificate), the increase in the insured capital or the payment of default.

All about life insurance: types, coverage and what it’s for.

Most people know that life insurance is a valuable resource, but they put off the decision and avoid thinking about it. However, these policies can be real lifelines in financial terms.

If you found this article, it is because you have been thinking about the importance of taking out life insurance.

Get to know the main features and coverage involved.

Importance of having Life Insurance

Many people depend on someone or have someone in charge. The death or disability of one member of the family can leave the rest in a complicated economic situation.

After all, it is one less source of income that comes in. Expenses are the same: pharmacy bills, electricity, gas, water, children’s school, in short, an endless number of appointments.

In the case of illness or incapacity for work, hospital costs are added.

Anyone who subscribes to life insurance thinks about these situations. Try to foresee scenarios of abrupt income loss, even if the odds are in your favor and nothing bad happens.

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is an agreement between you and the insurer, in which there is a sharing of the risks of death, disability or illness.

In case of any tragic incident, there will be compensation.

There are several types of life insurance:

  • In case of death: the insurer pays the beneficiary the agreed capital if the person dies during the term of the contract;
  • In the case of life: this type of insurance is often used to create savings; the insurer pays the beneficiary the agreed amount, if the insured person is still alive at the end of the contract;
  • With mixed coverage: as the name implies, it is insurance that provides coverage for the risk of death and the risk of survival.

It seems strange to talk about these issues, but it is a matter of foresight. An attempt to face the natural risks of living.

Which Life Insurance is best for me?

With life insurance, if something bad happens, you don’t have to give up anything to meet current expenses. Your children’s education will continue to be protected, as well as the family’s sustainability.

Before subscribing to a policy, it is important to analyze the specific conditions of each proposal.

EXS Life Insurance coverage

More comprehensive insurance like EXS covers:

  • Serious illnesses (shortly after diagnosis);
  • Death by accident;
  • Death by road accident;
  • Subsidy in case of hospitalization.

You should survey your personal needs and those of your family, the risks associated with the profession and your way of living life.

For example, if you like extreme sports that involve increased risk, it is important to take out a policy that covers these scenarios.

It’s a question of probabilities, but luck or bad luck always falls to someone!

What should you know when taking out insurance?

Hire only what you need, but with a view to the future.

Ask for information if you don’t understand. Note that in some cases, such as motorcyclists, motorcycle accidents may not be covered.

In addition, when subscribing to life insurance it is important to keep in mind:

  • Insurance holders;
  • Value of the coverage premium;
  • Additional and excluded coverage;
  • Redemption conditions.

It’s a lot of information and a sensitive subject. However, a life insurance policy must be planned in advance, especially when the family begins to increase.

Life insurance with EXS: Security at a competitive price

At EXS, life insurance is customizable and adapted to each case.

We have a unique network of 26 insurance companies that we have worked with for many years. We contact our partners and obtain the most advantageous proposal.

Throughout the process, we respond to customer inquiries. We know that insurance is for life, therefore, it involves a thoughtful and conscious decision.

Take out life insurance and set up a financial reserve. Protect your life and that of your family against all adversity.

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