How to Make a Resin Acrylic Keychain


Epoxy resin crafting can initially appear a little frightening, but using Color Pour Resin, it’s actually rather simple. You’ll discover the tricks and methods required in this tutorial to make your own personalized monogram resin acrylic keychain. This craft will make your plain keychain into a conversation piece and is highly trendy.

Let’s start by discussing the materials you’ll need to construct your own resin keychain.

Color Pour Resin & Hardener for Resin

Silicone Cup with Color Poured Resin and Dye

The remainder of this do-it-yourself project comes together quickly once you’ve got the materials. You may learn everything you need to know about this enjoyable activity from this brief video.

STEP 1: In the silicone cup, combine one part resin with one part hardener. To blend, vigorously stir each component.

Step 2: Pour glitter (or any other additives you’re using) into a different plastic cup that came with the supplies kit. then dispense the resin mixture. Add a few drops of dye last. To fully combine, vigorously stir.

STEP 3: Pour resin into the silicone mould gradually, and then give it 24 hours to cure.

STEP 4: Remove the mould from the cured resin.

STEP 5: Drill a hole through the resin letter using the little hand drill that came with the jewellery kit. Remove the drill from the resin letter by turning anticlockwise.

Step 6 is to screw the keychain into place using the pre-drilled hole as a guide.

Here are a few pointers to help you complete your resin project successfully.


You can detect bubbles as you stir the resin mixture. Bubbles can be removed by heating the area. I like to put the heat gun to the cup before pouring after combining the resin, glitter, and colour. This aids in further liquifying the mixture, making it more simpler to pour.


After the resin has been poured into the mould for a few hours, it will begin to firm and possibly feel ready to be removed. Stay away from it! You risk leaving fingerprints in the nearly-cured resin if you touch it.


Resin can emit fumes that are unhealthy to breathe in for a prolonged period of time. Make sure to finish your craft in a well-ventilated space, ideally outside, to lessen this worry. Additionally, when dealing with it, be sure to cover your face with a mask.


It might get dirty while working with resin. Even the most meticulous maker could spill resin on your phone, skin, or other things. The undesired sticky resin residue can be removed with acetone nail polish or even lemon juice.

Because custom keychains are among the most vibrant, thrilling, and colourful key accessory varieties, designing one takes a lot of inspiration and creativity. It’s vital to think about what shapes and colours best represent your brand’s identity when making personalised things for your company, project, or cause. A design can be made better by using numerous colours, with each one accentuating a distinct aesthetic quality.

Two other options to customise your acrylic keychains are the opacity of your colouring and the shape of your parts. Your design’s shape might be anything, such as a circle, a rectangle, or the form of your business’s mascot. Trying out transparent or see-through materials can also offer your work a more eye-catching appearance. We have the know-how to properly translate your concepts from paper to reality.

Choosing the right shape to represent your company’s personality is crucial for producing an unforgettable keychain. Like your logo and marketing materials, this form may be uniform and useful. Uniform shapes like circles, ovals, rectangles, squares, and more can be utilised as blank canvases for your brand’s name, logo, artwork, and contact information. We can add personality and break up the monotony of these basic forms by using various colours and opacities.

There are unique alternatives to basic forms that provide you complete control over the shape composition of your items. When creating the edge of your keychain, mimic the contours of your insignia or even the body of your mascot. Because acrylic plastic is so pliable, you may give it practically any shape to get the precise appearance you want. Your unique shapes might help you convey your idea more clearly and effectively by having borders and colours.

Many keychains are now in stock. You won’t have to wait for a bespoke mould to be formed if you choose one of the keychains because there are so many pre-made forms and designs accessible.

Making a design that best symbolises your business, brand, or cause is the first step in ordering bespoke acrylic keychains. Any distinguishing details, such a name or logo, ought to be incorporated into the design. The chosen colours ought to complement or enhance the company’s existing branding. In an acrylic pattern, these features ought to blend in smoothly and appear natural.

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