School Management System

School Management System (SMS) is all in one solution to keep track, manage and evaluate your school curriculum. It allows you to create and maintain consistent course, assessments, exams and grades across classes with ease.

School Management System is the hand in hand with school management. The system is the organization of resources, so that the school can be managed effectively and efficiently.

The School Management System (SMS) is a productivity tool that brings faculty, administration and students to the same page via web-based communications. It supports school-wide policy and planning, assessment, learning management and authoring in school systems.

School Management System is used to manage school management activities such as student enrollment and admission process, class register, class schedule, student record and other important information.

School Management System is a software that provides facility management and athletic coaches at school.

A School Management System assists you with organising and managing your school. It includes shared calendars, billing, invoicing, payroll, student information management and teacher/teacher assistant assignment management.

The school management system is a comprehensive and integrated educational management tool that is designed to provide easy access to all the information needed for effective decision-making. The core of the system is a user friendly interface that works on all popular desktop and mobile platforms. The system has a strong emphasis on scalability, customization, integration and ease of use.

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