SEO vs Google Ads Which Should You Choose?

The clear answer is ” SEO ” . As we all know running ads for getting traffic is so best . But today in advance technology world people does not like ads . Because of high volume of ads on  internet people feel uncomfortable to watch or see ads . Most people do not even click on ads .

Along this all today in this advance AI world mostly internet user have been installed ads blocker on their systems . So a high volume of user does not see your ads .

So considering these thing SEO specially guest posting is best way of getting traffic for your business . Although there are something that must be considered before buying Seo. Following things must be in consideration

  • Choose an Seo expert for your work
  • Write a unique article and use white hat seo
  • Ask by expert to publish your article on a high quality website

How to choose an Seo Expert for guest posting

So now we are talking about Seo , You can find Seo Expert on different platforms and social medias also .

Here are some tips to find a best Seo expert for guest posting.

  1. Find it on different platforms like Fiverr , Upwork .Or you can hire an a guest blogger through social medias also like facebook , linkedin etc .
  2. After finding Seo expert ask him about his sheet on which he stored the sites to which he has access .
  3. He should mentioned price , DA , Dr and traffic of sites in his sheet .
  4. You should select a best site according to your budget and then
  5. Finally ask your expert to publish your article on the site you selected .
  6. And last don’t forget to negotiate price with your expert , because usually guest blogger keep high prices in their sheet . They often decrease their price through negotiation .

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