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Small Laude age (born June 17, 1968) is a very well-known Filipino Socialite, Entrepreneur, and Vlogger from the Philippines. In this modern era, when talents and businesses are prospering through numerous social media platforms, Vlogging and documenting your lifestyle and creating content out of that is the most popular one. To be a vlogger is a passion and profession for a lot of people. Small has always wanted to do something on her own and has been recognized for her work as a vlogger “The creative lady despite having a lavish lifestyle, celebrity friends, and multi-million homes decided to start vlogging as a way to showcase her talent. As of June 2021, Small Laude’s self-labeled Youtube channel had 159K subscribers, and she documented her lifestyle and daily routine videos on it.”

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Small Laude biography.

“Small Laude is from the Philippines and makes her Filipino on her channel. She doesn’t know if her parents live in the Philippines or not, as she often visits her parents and vice versa. The middle-aged lady’s family owned a variety of businesses, including rice trading, rice milling, and garments export.”

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