TikTok Is Being Used By Vape Sellers Marketing To Teens!

Vapes are still simple to obtain on TikTok, despite a new U.S. rule making it forbidden to sell e-cigarettes to those under the age of 21. Even “discreet” packing services are provided by certain vendors so that vapes may be concealed from parents’ prying eyes.

Premium brands of disposable vapes are advertised in TikTok videos. These peppy, popular music-driven advertisements obviously cater to the teen market by advertising disposable vapes with now-illegal cartridge tastes like fruit and mint.

A Little Background!

Following the FDA’s Juul crackdown, interest in flavoured, disposable vapes has increased. The FDA started taking enforcement action against e-cigarette devices that were being sold illegally in February 2020. 

Some young individuals were still looking for tastes like bubblegum vape e liquid , peach, strawberry, and others adopted disposable vapes like Puff Bar. 

Convenience stores and petrol stations continued to carry these less expensive disposables, which were simple to locate. They’re also available to be sent with anyone with a means of payment all across TikTok.

Sellers are Communicating with Customers Via TikTok!

Videos on TikTok frequently display the seller’s available vapes, including disposable vapes in teen-friendly flavours. Additionally, they point users toward websites that seem to be operating unlawfully. 

In essence, the dealers are utilising TikTok as a tool to make free vape commercials that may be seen by young customers, a group whose interest in vaping may not have decreased as a result of the FDA’s move.

When it comes to existing vapers in the 10th and 12th grades, Juul continues to hold the top spot (41%). Products that are disposable, such as Puff Bar (8%) and Smok (13.1%), have increased throughout this time. 

Truth claimed in September 2020 that “all things considered, the present government policy encouraged youngsters to easily shift to menthol e-cigarettes.”

The Increasing Vaping Hashtags 

The video-sharing app TikTok has gained enormous popularity in the United States because of its films featuring prominent brands and phrases like “vape” and “e-cigarette,” which draw millions of views. While third-party estimates place the number of active users at roughly 30 million, TikTok claims that it has about 100 million active users in the United States (on a monthly basis).

As of the time of writing, the hashtag #juul, which stands for the popular vape brand Juul, has 623.9 million views on TikTok. With 449.8 million views, the hashtag #puffbar is used to allude to Puff Bar, a manufacturer of a single-use vaping product with Chinese roots. Videos with the hashtag #njoy had 55.3 million views, while those with the British Tobacco brands #smok and #Vuse have each received 5 million views.

As a strategy for counter-programming against vaping material, anti-vaping video producers have used the hashtag #juulgang.

We discovered a lot of vape vendors using names like “@Puffsonthelow,” “@PuffUniverse,” and “Puffbarcafe,” which are clear account names. Their pages were flooded with vape videos that brazenly promoted their available options and even hashtags for vaping-related phrases.

 Numerous videos showed how the merchant might wrap the vape inside another product or conceal it in the stuffing so parents wouldn’t know, knowing that their target market is frequently adolescent smokers.


Sellers are using TikTok as a handy advertisement tool to advertise all types of vapes, including disposable vapes as well. You can follow these accounts to stay tuned with the latest vaping content!


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